Orange County Law Firm Expands Entertainment Law and Sports Law Division – The Best Law Newswire Service – Orange County Law Firm Kushner Carlson, PC has officially launched its expanding entertainment and action sports division. The division is spearheaded by the Firm’s two partners, Michael Kushner and Luke Carlson.


Kushner Carlson’s entertainment clients range from multi-Grammy Award winning artists to world champions and other world class athletes. From such representation, the Firm has already gained a strong reputation within the entertainment industry for going beyond what many entertainment attorneys consider their bread and butter. Most entertainment lawyers can negotiate, prepare, and/or review talent agreements. Few do that job well, and even fewer are adept at maximizing a deal’s potential by creating lucrative crossover opportunities for their clients. Kushner Carlson’s reputation has thus far been built on being able to accomplish both.


Being an Orange County law firm negotiating with major studios, producers, and film makers isn’t what you’d expect coming from Orange County. “That’s pretty rare, actually,” says Michael Kushner, the Firm’s senior partner. “But, geography is almost irrelevant with today’s technology. I can be in my office in Orange County with a screenwriter, while engaged in a video conference with producers in England and China.”


“But,” says his partner, Luke Carlson, a former competitive surfer himself, “If you’ve got to be somewhere, why not in Orange County, a hotbed for the action sports industry and home to some of the world’s most renowned surfers and action sports athletes?”


The division’s launch serves to structure the Firm most effectively to offer superior entertainment services to its clients, and with Kushner Carlson’s strong background in business transactions and litigation, it is in a unique position to provide such superior service.


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