Scores of entrepreneurs are learning that making money is easy – you start by making your first $100 and then keep doing the same thing over and over again. That’s the concept that Frank Trueblood used in 1995 when he developed the “World’s Most Powerful Money Making System.”

Over fourteen years ago, Trueblood determined that he wanted to make the most amount of money, in the least amount of time, with the least amount of effort and with the least amount of investment. He recognized that throwing money at a business was not the answer to success – in fact it was insane. He began with $5, built a step-by-step program and turned that small investment into $300,000.

When he started, Trueblood was working with offline businesses – mainly direct sales, mail order, insurance and car dealerships. By duplicating his system, these companies were able to realize both short-term and long-term success.

With the onslaught of online business opportunities, Trueblood has turned his attention to helping home-based entrepreneurs succeed by utilizing the same tried and true methods he has been using for over a decade. According to Trueblood, the type of compensation plan that a company is built on doesn’t impact the effectiveness of his program. He reports to having recruited between 200-300 new distributors in 30 days and has helped recruit an entire group for a downline within the same amount of time.

It’s a straightforward concept – learn how to make your first $100 – and if you make it using Trueblood’s money making system, by continuing to use the process in the correct way will turn that $100 into thousands of dollars, over and over again.

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