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SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND, Sept. 28, 2010 – Interaction online is constantly progressing to more convenient and effective ways of communication. It’s a process that is inevitable since specific online communities are getting exponentially bigger every day.
Since Internet is the ultimate medium of communication for freelance writers today, the way users interact in a single freelancing community online should be perfected as much as possible. People located in different cities, states and even on different continents should posses a system that unifies their efforts and optimizes communication for better results. And since the core system is something that unites them in a single processing entity– like a computer, it is important to upgrade it from time to time.
“That is why we are constantly working on new upgrades for our internal communications system and the way we interact with our writers” – says Andrew Schwartz, Head of the Managerial Department at one of the leading online communities for freelance writers. “We are planning to upgrade our internal panel, for registered users. It will be changed, based on the comments from our current users – their vision of usability. Of course it will be executed by the IT Dpt., and controlled by Quality Assurance, which is in closest contact with the writers” – he explains further.
Today more and more online projects of this sort concentrate on user feedback to form the functional part of their sites. And of course more resources are put into it, because a fine-tuned system is like an engine with enough motor oil. Otherwise the system will eventually crash, not technically, but organizationally and economically.
“We have noticed a substantial increase in productivity since our last upgrade, (and) are hoping that the next one will bring even more benefits” – says Jennifer Burns, top manager at the project.
So if you are involved in an engaging online community with a prospect of a rapid increase, you should consider increasing your IT expenditures, if you want to keep up with the pace of the global Internet community.
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