Writers Are Taking a Viewing Tour of Notable US Buildings

At some of our full-time writers are taking on a new assignment that involves providing service for design students. These students do not require academic papers like most of our other customers their needs include building design, visual arts, photo essays and more hands on type projects. We felt that a good way to prepare our writers for their new role was to give them some actual experience looking at and getting a feel for the types of buildings that they will be modeling their assignments after. is funding a trip to some of the most notable buildings with the most unique architecture in the US. The tour includes visits to the Spire in Chicago, the New York World Trade Center, Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and the AT & T building in Nashville. While they are there are writers can take pictures and gather facts about these structures for future reference.

We take all of our customers seriously at and because we do we are sending some of our full-time writers on a viewing tour of the US. Writers who will be working with our new design students will visit several cities and 10 of the most notable and original buildings in our country. We know that this sounds like a holiday and while we hope the writers enjoy themselves we also know they will be taking a serious look at the sites that they visit. We are sure that the knowledge they gain will be invaluable and cannot be gained by just reading and studying.

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