FAIRFAX, Va., Feb. 9 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — PoliticalDer…

FAIRFAX, Va., Feb. 9 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — PoliticalDerby.com
today released the latest edition of the 2008 White House Power Rankings.
Rudy Giuliani has taken the top spot among republicans from longtime leader John McCain, knocking him to second. Mitt Romney holds steady at number three. Sam Brownback and Mike Huckabee are numbers four and five,

On the left, Hillary Clinton clings to the top spot with Barack Obama
now edging John Edwards for the second spot. Edwards is third, Bill
Richardson is fourth, Joe Biden is fifth.

For the complete rankings from one to ten in both parties, visit:

Clinton: Just when we thought Hillary was losing ground (and her voice) after so-so performances in Iowa and New Hampshire, the very latest polls
have her crushing Edwards and Obama. In those respective states Hillary has healthy double-digit leads. Nationally she’s on solid ground as well,
holding a 16- point lead over Obama and a whopping 24-point lead over
Edwards. FREE TIP TO ALL CANDIDATES: The skinny metal pole attached to the podium with a cute fuzzy thing on the top is a microphone. They are often used in modern-day campaigns to project your voice to the crowd staring at you. Assume it’s on.

Obama: Obama continues to assemble an impressive team including a
surprising number of former Clinton allies who are putting their chips on
the one-term IL senator. Despite trailing Hillary in the polls, he is still generating more buzz than Lindsay Lohan on a rehab field-trip. The first
big test will come shortly when he shares the stage at candidate forums
with horses like Clinton and Richardson and has to address the experience
factor. Namely, that he has none.

Giuliani: Congratulations Rudy, you finally look like you want to be
president! After many months of acting as if he might once again pull out
and leave supporters standing at the altar, Rudy finally looks committed to the race. He is surging in the polls and some Republicans are buying Rudy’s theory that his conservative judicial philosophy and commitment to
appointing judges like Roberts, Alito and Scalia trumps his personal
positions on the hot-button social issues. Can he keep the belly-fire lit
for another 18 months?

McCain: Four years ago McCain ran like Tom Cruise’s super-cool
Maverick. He was the risk-taking, anti-establishment,
fly-below-the-hard-deck candidate. Now he looks more like Val Kilmer’s Ice Man. If he were any more establishment he’d be riding an elephant to his senate office. Time to consider giving up his senate seat and push all his horse chips to the middle?
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