FBI Top 10 Newsmakers – From Assemblymen To Bomb Makers

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1. Washington Field Office: Deputy Assistant Chief of Internal Affairs Sentenced

Lloyd W. Miner, former Assistant Chief of Investigations/Internal Affairs, Office of Security and Investigations, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, DHS, was sentenced for harboring an illegal alien. Full Story

2. New York: Former Assemblyman and Labor Leader Pleads Guilty to Racketeering

Brian M. McLaughlin, former New York State Assemblyman and labor leader, pled guilty to a federal racketeering charge. Full Story

3. Richmond: College Student Charged with Posting Death Threats On-Line

Allen Leon Sammons was charged with posting a death threat to several individuals on a social networking website. Full Story

4. Dallas: “SWATTER” Sentenced

Guadalupe Santana Martinez was sentenced for his role in a “swatting” conspiracy. Full Story

5. Detroit: 4 Charged in Domestic Terrorism

Four defendants were charged with arson on the Michigan State University campus on behalf of “Earth Liberation Front,” a loosely-organized group of environmental extremists. Full Story

6. Indianapolis: Swim Coach Indicted on Child Porn Charges

Brian D. Hindson, former Head Coach of Kokomo High School Swimming & Diving, was indicted for production, distribution and possession of child pornography. Full Story

7. Cincinnati: Financial Enterprise Executives Found Guilty in $3 Billion Fraud Scheme

Five former executives of National Century Financial Enterprises were found guilty of conspiracy, fraud and money laundering in a $3 billion security fraud scheme. Full Story

8. Washington Field Office: Guilty Plea in Exporting Controlled Technology to India

Parthasarathy Sudarshan, an owner of an international electronics business, pled guilty to illegally exporting controlled technology to government entities in India. Full Story

9. Atlanta: Wrestler’s Co-Defendants in Sex Trafficking Ring Sentenced

Aimee Allen and Cedric Jackson were charged with conspiring with former wrestler Harrison “Hardbody” Norris, Jr. to engage in sex trafficking. Full Story

10. San Diego: Guilty Plea in Bomb Hoax

Richard Sills pled guilty to making threatening phone calls warning of bombs placed in six buildings at the University of California, San Diego. Full Story (PDF)

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