FBI’s Top 10 Stories – From Extraditions To Hedge Fund Fraud

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1. Miami: Irish Citizen Extradited From Switzerland for Money Laundering

Gabriel MacEnroe, an Irish citizen, was extradited from Switzerland and sentenced in a fraudulent pyramid scheme targeting victims in the U.S. Full Story

2. Miami: Five Individuals Indicted for $200 Million Hedge Fund Fraud

Michael Lauer, founder of Lancer Group Hedge Fund, and four others were indicted on conspiracy and wire fraud charges in a $200 million hedge fund fraud. Full Story

3. Houston: Public Officials Plead Guilty to Bribery

City of Brookshire former Mayor Keith Allen Woods and former Department of Public Works Director Henry Anthony Cheney pled guilty to a bribery scheme conspiracy involving city contracts. Full Story

4. Richmond: Indictments in $14 Million Medicaid Fraud

Dr. Ilya Zavelesky, and his wife, Rina Zavelesky, R.N., were indicted on charges of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and money laundering. Full Story

5. Baltimore: Juvenile Probation Officer Indicted

Charles Eugene Tucker, a juvenile probation officer, was indicted on drug trafficking charges. Full Story

6. Los Angeles: Leaders of Pomona Gangs Arrested

A joint federal and state investigation targeting gang activity resulted in the arrest of gang leaders on federal narcotics trafficking charges. Full Story

7. Phoenix: Indictment for Sexual Abuse of Minor

Shawn Michael Cole was indicted for the sexual abuse of a minor while on board a flight from Honolulu to Phoenix. Full Story

8. San Antonio: Police Officers Sentenced in Bribery Scheme

Former Laredo Police Department Officers, Lt. Elroy Rodriguez and Sgt. Alfonso Santos, were sentenced for conspiracy to commit Hobbs Act extortion. Full Story

9. New York: “Boiler Room” Operator Sentenced

Boris Shuster, a.k.a. “Robert Shuster,” was sentenced for running a fraudulent foreign currency exchange scheme through his company, Holston, Young, Parker & Associates. Full Story

10. New York: Sentencing in Massive Immigration Fraud Scheme

Beverly Mozer-Browne was sentenced for operating a multi-million dollar immigration fraud scheme through her company, “Help Preparers Professional Services.” Full Story

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