Fiber Optic Identifier Features Multi-Frequency Identification

Toronto, Canada – GAO Fiber Optics ( has released its upgraded fiber optic identifier which identifies 1550nm calibrated wavelength signals as well as 800nm to 1700nm wavelength signals. It uses safe and reliable macro bending technology to avoid the disruption of network communications that would result from disconnecting or cutting a fiber optic cable for identification and testing. This technologically advanced optical fiber identifier is intended for engineers and technicians to identify dark or live fiber and excessive losses due to the misalignment of mechanical splices or poor connections.
This portable optical fiber identifier, model 820, displays transmission direction, identifies multiple signal frequencies and detects bare fibers, close packed fibers and pigtails. It identifies signal frequencies including 270kHz, 1kHz and 2kHz. The fiber optic identifier features a five-stage display of signal intensity, two detachable InGaAs detectors, a high sensitivity of -38dBm, a low-voltage indication function and an automatic shutdown function. Normal communications can be maintained while the device is identifying the transmission direction, speed and relative signal strength with only a very small signal loss. This well-designed fiber optic identifier offers a results comparison function and has a rechargeable Lithium battery which supports continuous operation for up to four hours.
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About GAO Fiber Optics
GAO Fiber Optics (, a member company of GAO Group, is a leading provider of fiber optic test and measurement instruments, transceivers and other fiber optical devices.

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