Fiji’s Judicial System No Longer Functioning, Law Council of Australia States

LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire – The Law Council of Australia says Fiji no longer has a functioning judicial system, after the resignation of six expatriate judges on the country’s court of appeal.

Former New Zealand Chief Justice Sir Thomas Eichelbaum says it is clear he and the five other judges are no longer wanted and Fiji’s acting Chief Justice, Anthony Gates, has stopped all communication.

The former Chief Justice, Daniel Fatiaki, was ousted by the interim Government in January.

The President of the Law Council of Australia, Tim Bugg, told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat program government interference in the legal system has undermined the rule of law in Fiji.

One of the critical aspects of proper government is a properly functioning, independently functioning, judiciary. Many say that isn’t the case currently in Fiji and the Law Asia report highlights the sort of concerns that are held about the operation of the judiciary in Fiji.

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