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Reporters seeking experts and sources for their news stories have a powerful new tool with, a free online query service. connects news reporters and other media, such as TV producers and radio hosts, with expert sources. Journalists sign up for free and send out queries on topics they are covering. Sources with expertise in diverse areas, from parenting and relationships to law and finance, also sign up for free to receive queries targeted to their areas of experience. creator L. Drew Gerber, CEO of Blue Kangaroo Inc., came up with a unique system that allows journalists to rate the expertise of the sources they interview. Reporters, whether online, in print or broadcast, can then “pay it forward” to help other reporters in finding a media expert. The goal is to move the best interviews to the front of the line for the media.

Carl O Helvie, R.N., Dr.P.H., says PitchRate helped him find sources he needed for the Holistic Health Show he hosts on BBS Radio Station 3.

“I located a person for weight loss who could follow through quickly and have two others lined up for other topics,” he says. “It is a wonderful resource that I will continue to use.”

T Love, RMT, CST and host of Energy Awareness Radio, says she was flooded with responses after sending out a query on

“My last request for a show on ‘An Attitude of Gratitude’ landed me over 500 pitches. I read all of them and got an additional 14 shows out of that one request,” she says. “Since, I’ve made additional requests and booked my show for the remainder of the year.” is sponsored by Online PressKit 24/7, an online press kit technology also created by Gerber and Blue Kangaroo, Inc. Online PressKit 24/7,, provides businesses, entrepreneurs, authors and others with cost effective marketing tools.

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