First Responder Awareness course – A must for those working in hazardous environments!

Employees working at hazardous work sites are always at a great risk of harming themselves in some or the other way. However small or big the operation may be, it involves a certain amount of danger for those who are carrying it out. In order to make these employees aware of these life threatening situations and also to help them brace themselves against it, OSHA has formulated the HAZWOPER programs.

24 Hour Hazwoper Trainings has carefully developed the First Responder Awareness Level Training Course. This particular course encompasses a broad issue of recognizing hazards at workplaces. Also, this training course has been reviewed and approved by OSHA. It covers a wide range of topics that can help workers identify the various hazards that are present at work sites. This safety training course provides a set of rules concerning the health and safety of the HAZMAT workers.

By taking up this course, the workers will be able to identify and recognize the various types of hazards at work places. Not only this, they will also be able to come up with certain precautionary and protective measures to minimize and eradicate these work related hazards.

The First Responder Awareness Level Training Course includes a fair outline of OSHA and NIOSH, the OSHA standards, Hazardous Waste Operation and emergency response and Hazard Communication Standard (HCS). The Site Characterization segment of this course includes the introduction, On site review, Documentation, Current monitoring and Hazard Evaluation. Similarly, the various types of hazards like the environmental and biological ones, and analyzing them is also included.

These courses are designed to last for the duration of 4 hours only and are available at a minimal price. At the end of each module, a quiz has to be answered. A minimum of 70% is required to proceed to the next module. This helps retain all that has been understood. At the end of the training, a final exam has to be appeared for which requires the same 70% marks for passing. If unsuccessful, two more attempts are given at no additional costs. You will, undoubtedly, gain a lot from the First Responder Awareness Level Training Course offered by 24 Hour Hazwoper Trainings.

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