Flexi-Holiday Time For UK Lawyers

Flexi-Holiday Time For UK Lawyers 2

Issues to increase law firm productivity have long excited the interest of law firm managers, but an English firm has now taken on a ‘paid time off’ (PTO) policy that lets employees take the time they like from the firm.

The firm, Ashton KCJ in East Anglia, is trialling the policy with a few towards deciding how successful it is. Firm managers need to confirm the details prior to employees leaving, but the idea is to provide greater flexibility rather than having set holidays, as well as encompassing compassionate leave and other issues.

Treating staff as adults and permitting heightened flexibility in how and when they take their holidays is something that has been used by firms in some jurisdictions and is something that, if properly managed, appears successful in terms of firm flexbility and productivity.

Firm CEO Edward O’Rourke added: “We firmly believe that law firms wishing to thrive in the future need to be innovative, both in the way they attract and retain legal talent and in the way in which they meet clients’ legal needs. “We are continually looking at ways to reward and motivate our staff and feel that allowing people as much paid time off as they need is in everyone’s best interests.

“Our focus needs to move towards overall productivity, client satisfaction and results rather than the number of holiday days taken.”

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