Florida Lawyer In Jailhouse Sex Filming Loses Licence

A Florida lawyer who filmed himself soliciting sex from three inmates, one being a porn actress in jail, has had his law licence removed

Andrew Spark, 54, a Tampa attorney, had previously met the actress at a pornography convention and had been arrested earlier for meeting with another inmate who he filmed having sex with after being wanted for the introduction and/or possession of contraband in a detention facility and for soliciting for prostitution.

Investigators in Pinellas County caught Spark exposing himself to an inmate after investigators learned he was meeting female inmates who were not his clients at the Pinellas County jail and filming sexual acts with them. He was arrested on Sunday on charges of soliciting for prostitution, exposure of sexual organs and possession of contraband in a county detention facility. He was also arrested for bringing his personal iPad to the jail without advanced notice or consent. He bonded out of jail that night.

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Officials said he met with one female inmate at least six times in the Pinellas County jail between June and December.

In both investigations, officials believe Spark did not represent any of the inmates involved in the incidents in court proceedings.

Florida Lawyer In Jailhouse Sex Filming Loses Licence 3

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