For the nation, it has been a short-term drama. But for Terri Schiavo’s husband and family, it has been 15 years of anguish, accusations and court battles.

1990 Terri Schiavo suffers brain damage during cardiac arrest, a result of a potassium imbalance that may have been caused by her suspected bulimia. She emerges from her coma but does not regain consciousness. A Florida court appoints her husband Michael guardian.•1992 Michael sues Terri’s doctor and in November wins $750,000 for her and $300,000 for himself. Her money is put in a trust for her care.

There is no evidence the fund is mismanaged. It now reportedly contains $50,000.•1993 Robert and Mary Schindler fall out with Michael over their daughter’s care.

British MP George Galloway and his opponent the Daily Telegraph will leave no stone unturned to sort out what could be a spectacular libel case.

One of the authors claiming Dan Brown’s bestseller The Da Vinci Code copied his ideas has admitted he exaggerated his case in an interview with a journalist.