Former Minister & Lawyer David Caygill Appointed To NZ Commerce Commission – – Legal Jobs, Law News – Legal Jobs Network – The Electricity Commission oversees the performance of the electricity industry while the Commerce Commission administers a targeted control regime that applies to electricity lines companies. Since 2004, the Chair of the Electricity Commission has been cross-appointed to the Commerce Commission to ensure a consistent approach between the two Crown entities.

The targeted control regime will be replaced under Government reforms planned for 2008. Electricity lines businesses will then be subject to an improved forward-looking incentive regulation under the general regulation provisions in Part 4 of the Commerce Act 1986. The cross-appointment will remain just as important.

“I am pleased that David Caygill will be participating in the transition,” said Lianne Dalziel.

The Minister also thanked outgoing Associate Member, Peter Harris, for his contributions to the Commerce Commission.

Background on David Caygill

David Caygill was appointed Chair of the Electricity Commission in October 2007 and was previously Deputy Chair of the Commerce Commission. His governance experience includes chairing the Advisory Committee on Official Statistics (since 2005); the Ministerial Inquiry into the Electricity Industry (2000); the Grid Security Committee and the Electricity Governance Establishment Committee which designed governance rules for the electricity industry between 2001 and 2003.

David Caygill served as a Member of Parliament for 18 years, including six years (1984-90) as a Cabinet Minister.

Background on the Commerce Commission

The Commerce Commission is a specialist tribunal for promoting and protecting competition and fair trade in New Zealand. It is responsible for enforcing the Commerce Act, Fair Trading Act, Electricity Industry Reform Act, Dairy Industry Restructuring Act, Telecommunications Act, and Credit Contract and Consumer Finance Act.

The Commission consists of a core of between 4-6 members appointed by the Governor-General at the recommendation of the Commerce Minister. There are also a number of associate members, appointed by the Commerce Minister based on their specialist knowledge, who help the Commission in carrying out its functions under any of the Acts that it enforces.

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