FORUM Dispute Management, the mediation affiliate of the prominent alt…

FORUM Dispute Management, the mediation affiliate of the prominent alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provider, the National Arbitration Forum, celebrates a budding first year of business.

FORUM Dispute Management saw:

Approximately 100 cases filed
Settlements ranging from $1,000 to $10 million
The Construction and Real Estate Panel double in size
FORUM Dispute Management was created last May 2006 when founding Panelist Ross R. Hart and his associates Thomas Craigo and Joseph Liebman joined the National Arbitration Forum. The Los Angeles-based company administers mediation and dispute resolution services for disputes of all kinds, specializing in construction and real estate.

FORUM Dispute Management now boasts a signature Construction and Real Estate Panel comprised of experienced neutrals Ross R. Hart, Thomas Craigo, Joseph Liebman, Matthew W. Argue, Michael J. Bayard, Robert S. Mann, Candace L. Matson and Alexander Robertson IV. The company also maintains a General Mediation Panel.

“The market has responded quite favorably to the concept of FORUM Dispute Management being the ‘one-stop shop’ for the resolution of construction and real estate disputes,” said Director John Horn. “Counsel can feel comfortable retaining any of our panelists knowing that they have both mediation experience and a deep understanding of the construction and real estate industry.”

FORUM Dispute Management will celebrate its one year anniversary at the West Coast Casualty’s 14th Annual Construction Defect Seminar on Thursday, May 3 and Friday, May 4, 2007. Three Construction and Real Estate Panelists will present at this important event for the construction dispute resolution community.

Ross R. Hart, California’s Right to Repair Statute SB800
Alexander Robertson IV, Not the Same Old Game: The Trend Away from Traditional Insurance
Matthew W. Argue, How to Fast Track a Construction Defect Mediation

For more information about FORUM Dispute Management and its mediation, arbitration, referee and special master services, contact 213-487-8660 or [email protected] or visit

Mediation is a voluntary method of dispute resolution that allows parties to craft their own solution to a dispute with the assistance of an unbiased third party, the mediator. The popular alternative to lawsuits offers disputing parties the opportunity to resolve issues efficiently, inexpensively, and on their own terms.

About FORUM Dispute Management
FORUM Dispute Management, an affiliate of the National Arbitration Forum (FORUM), offers disputing parties the opportunity to resolve issues efficiently, inexpensively, and on their own terms using mediation and all other dispute resolution services. Serving both the public and private sector, FORUM Dispute Management features a streamlined administrative process, dedicated mediation coordinators, and an expert panel of trained and experienced mediators. Members of our panel have served as special masters in complex, multi-party cases and reached settlements worth millions of dollars. Serving the entire United States, FORUM Dispute Management maintains two primary office locations: Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Los Angeles, California. For more information visit FORUM Dispute Management’s website at


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