Fox News Debate Won By Ron Paul Despite Ridicule

LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire – ThinkRink Blog – It is obvious that, after seeing the Fox News Debates on Sept. 5th, 2007, the mainstream media and GOP see Ron Paul as enough of a threat to stop ignoring him, and to start ridiculing him. From using a split screen to show Giuliani smirking as Ron Paul answers his questions, to the background chuckles as he is asked questions, Ron Paul has apparently become the butt of an inside joke.

However, with a 33% win in the post-debate poll, it is Ron Paul who should be laughing. Of course, Sean Hannity could not resist making the ridiculous statement that the “Paulites” had spammed the poll. The argument, both false and illogical, is used to attempt to plant the seed in the minds of the American people that Ron can’t win, and conclude he is a “wasted” vote.

If it were possible to vote multiple times from one cell phone, then what would be the advantage for Ron Paul anyway? The mainstream media would have us believe that the “front-runner” candidates are so popular, wouldn’t their supporters also text multiple times? In any case, it is impossible to vote twice. I tried it to make sure. So, unless Ron Paul supporters have suddenly become an independently wealthy group of lunatics, with dozens of cell phones each, the results must be representative of REAL PEOPLE.

The bottom line? The FOX News talking heads would have us believe that when the polls show unacceptable results, they must be wrong. This argument is wearing very thin. The American viewers who were paying attention were sure to see the obvious bias of the debate coverage. A full thirty minutes passed before Dr. Paul was given a chance to answer a question. This, after the “big three” had answered two or three each. Tancredo was also given very little time compared to McCain, Romney, and Giuliani.

The bias was not only in the in total time, but also the placement of the time. McCain, Giuliani, and Romney got both the first and the last word in the minds of the American people, opening and closing the debates. Then, they were the first to be interviewed by Neocon lapdog Hannity.

Ron Paul will not win over the entire Republican base. But he does not have to. The Ron Paul Revolution embodies the United, not Divided, States, as Huckabee would insinuate. He is pulling support from both sides of the aisle, drawing in the independents and the disenfranchised as well. The Republican and Democratic voters who put party loyalty above the issues will never vote for Ron Paul. Fortunately, they represent the minority.

So here we are, in the second phase of Gandhi’s aformentioned four phases. This is good news, because it means we are starting to make a difference. However, I predict that it won’t take long for them to move into full attack mode, looking for any and every opportunity to discredit and expose the skeletons in the closet Ron Paul must be hiding from the American people. Fortunately for us, we have a man with the integrity, character, and voting record to back up what he says.

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