Fred Thompson Makes His Sincere Visit To New Hampshire

LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire – Fred Thompson wants no-one in New Hamshire to doubt his sincerity. The Former US Senator made his first New Hampshire campaign stop as an announced Republican presidential candidate yesterday, pledging to run a vigorous campaign in a state where skeptics doubt his sincerity.

His first campaign stop came a year after his rivals for the Republican nomination began regularly visiting the state and days after many Republicans felt slighted when Thompson skipped a nationally televised debate only to announce his candidacy on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” hours later.

Two days after his long-awaited entrance into the presidential race, Thompson arrived in a bus with his picture on the side. He will campaign in Manchester and Nashua today.

“I understand that some folks have been looking for me and I am here to say that it won’t be that hard to find me anymore,” he told an audience of 200 at an annual chili festival held at the farm of former House Speaker Douglas Scamman, co-chairman of the Rudy Giuliani campaign in New Hampshire

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