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GALVESTON, Texas & WASHINGTON– LAWFUEL – Law News, Law Jobs Network –John Beisner, attorney for several current and former welding rod manufacturers, today issued the following statement regarding the defense verdict in the Godwin case, which was returned today after a two-week trial in Galveston County, Texas:

“It took this jury under three hours to return a unanimous verdict for the defense, finding that the plaintiff was not injured by welding fumes. In fact, this is the second jury today to vindicate these defendants. Earlier this afternoon, a unanimous jury in the Haskell case in Madison County, Illinois, returned a defense verdict after just a half day of deliberations. Juries have now returned defense verdicts in 14 of 15 such trials held.

“Plaintiffs are simply unable to persuade juries of their claims because the facts and the science are just not there. The bottom line is the welding rod manufacturers have always worked to ensure the health and safety of its welders and these defendants are being unfairly targeted in these cases. It is our hope that these plaintiffs attorneys hear the message juries are sending and decide to stop wasting the time and resources of the judicial system. Until that time, the welding defendants will continue to vigorously defend themselves against these baseless claims.”

Lead defense trial counsel in the Godwin case were Bruce Hurley and Reagan Simpson of King & Spalding LLP, John Bissell of Strong, Pipkin, Bissell & Ledyard, L.L.P. and Ernest J. Blansfield, Jr., Attorney at Law.

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