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The global energy market is witnessing a shift toward waste to energy technologies due to growing energy demands worldwide, the rapid depletion of conventional sources of energy, and concerns over environmental pollution from conventional energy sources. Governments across the globe are offering initiatives and financial schemes to encourage production of energy from industrial and agricultural wastes. The report studies the waste to energy market only for municipal solid waste (MSW), and excludes hazardous metal and other wastes. The research also does not cover the waste water treatment market.

While only a few international companies are currently active in the WTE market, it is expected to witness a double-digit growth rate in the next five years largely due to the participation of developing countries. Ongoing research is also expected to resolve current concerns of conversion and efficiency; making waste a mainstream source of energy.


This market research report analyzes and forecasts the markets for all the major types of waste-to-energy technologies. It also analyzes challenges such as negative general opinion, high initial cost, long production and sales cycle, rules and regulations, political indifference and compulsion of local joint ventures.


The intended audience of this report includes:
• Waste to energy companies
• Energy equipment manufacturers
• Waste management companies
• Research labs
• State and regulatory bodies
1 Introduction
Key Take-aways
Report Description
Markets Covered

2 Summary

3 Market Overview
3.1 Sources Of Energy
3.2 Defining Waste To Energy
3.2.1 Drivers Never Ending Waste Is A Continuous. Source To Generate Energy Landfill Bans And High Tipping Fees Are Boosting The Demand For Wte Reduced Green House Gas Emissions And Pollution Eligibility Of Carbon Credits
3.2.2 Restraints Regulatory Hurdles Are Restraining The Growth Lack Of Adaptability Of Technologies In Handling Wastes
3.3 Impact Of Regulations On Wte Market
3.4 Market Share Analysis
3.5 Patent Analysis

4 Waste To Enrgy Technologies Market
4.1 Physical Technology
4.1.1 Drivers High Combustible Value Of Rdf Makes It A Superior Substitute To Msw Rdf As A Cost Effective Substitute Has Ability To Reduce The Dependency On Depleting Fossil Fuels Recovery Enjoys A Higher Position In Waste Management Hierarchy
4.1.2 Restraints Technology Shift Makes It A Costly Opportunity
4.1.3 Opportunities
4.2 Thermal Technologies
4.2.1 Incineration/Combustion
4.2.2 Pyrolysis And Thermal Gasification
4.2.3 Plasma-arc Gasification Drivers Support From Government And Financial Institutions Ready To Use Msw As Fuel Makes It A Preferred Technology Restraints – High Implementation Cost And Time Opportunity – Innovation In Existing Technology
4.3 Biological Technology
4.3.1 Methane Capture/Landfill Gas
4.3.2 Biogas Plants/Anaerobic Digestion
4.3.3 Fermentation Drivers Efficient Capture Of Methane Gas Government Support Restraints – Risk And Safety Issues

5 Competitive Landscape

6 Geographic Analysis
6.1 Introduction
6.2 U.S. Wte Market
6.3 Europe Waste To Energy Market
6.3.1 Germany Wte Market
6.3.2 Netherlands Wte Market
6.3.3 Austria Wte Market
6.4. Asia Pacific Waste To Energy Market
6.4.1. China Wte Market
6.4.2. Japan Wte Market
6.5 Row Waste To Energy Market

7 Company Profiles
7.1 Austrian Energy & Environment Group Gmbh
7.2 Air Liquide American Combustion Technologies Inc
7.3 Arrow Ecology
7.4 Axpo Ag Kompogas
7.5 Babcock & Wilcox Vølund A/S
7.6 Biogas Nord Ag
7.7 Biogengreenfinch (Biogen)
7.8 Bluefire Ethanol
7.9 Bta International Gmbh
7.10 Constructions Industrielles De La Mediterranee (Cnim)
7.11 Community Power Corporation (Cpc)
7.12 Covanta Energy Corporation
7.13 Ecocorp
7.14 Emery Energy Company
7.15 Ener G Plc
7.16 Energy Developments Limited
7.17 Environmental Power Corporation
7.18 Essent N.V.
7.19 Fisia Babcock Environment Gmbh
7.20 Flexenergy
7.21 Foster Wheeler
7.22 Haase Energie Technik Ag
7.23 Highmark Renewable
7.24 Integrated Environmental Technologies, Inc
7.25 Ist Energy
7.26 Jeruz Energy Ltd
7.27 Keppel Integrated Engineering Ltd
7.28 Martin Gmbh
7.29 Pacific Renewal Fuels, Inc
7.30 Plasco Energy Group Inc.
7.31 Pyrogenesis Canada Inc
7.32 Qinetiq
7.33 Red Lion Bio-energy
7.34 Schmack Biogas Ag
7.35 Takuma
7.36 Tiru
7.37 Velocys
7.38 Veolia
7.39 Wheelabrator Technologies Inc
7.40 Ze-gen

List Of Tables

Table 1 Global Wte Technologies Market 2008 – 2015 ($million)
Table 2 Regulations And Its Impacts On Stakeholders
Table 3 Global Wte Technologies Market, By Geography 2008 – 2015 ($million)
Table 4 Comparison Of Msw And Rdf
Table 5 Comparison Between Coal And Rdf
Table 6 Global Wte Thermal Technology Market (2008 – 2015) ($million)
Table 7 New Plant/Product Launch (January 2009 – June 2010)
Table 8 Partnerships, Agreements, And Collaborations (February 2008 – June 2010)
Table 9 Mergers And Acquisitions (January 2008 – September 2009
Table 10 U.S. Waste Consumption, By Source 2008 – 2015 (Trillion Btu)
Table 11 U.S. Waste Consumption, By Applications 2008 – 2015 (Trillion Btu)
Table 12 U.S. Wte Technologies Market 2008 – 2015 ($million)
Table 13 Europe Wte Technologies Market 2008 – 2015 ($million)
Table 14 Apac Wte Technologies Market 2008 – 2015 ($million)
Table 15 Row Wte Technologies Market 2008 – 2015 ($million)
Table 16 Community Power Corporation (Cpc) Products And Services
Table 17 Foster Wheeler’s Major Contracts (January 2008 – May 2010)
Table 18 Martin Gmbh’s Contracts (March 2009 – January 2010)

List Of Figures

Figure 1 Categorization Of Sources Of Energy
Figure 2 Global Energy Consumption , By Source (2000 – 2025)
Figure 3 Waste To Energy Technologies Segmentation
Figure 4 Waste Management Pyramid
Figure 5 U.S. Top Players, By Installed Capacities (2009)
Figure 6 European Top Players, By Revenues (2009)
Figure 7 Patent Trends (January 2004 – June 2010)
Figure 8 Patent Analysis By Geography (January 2004 – June 2010)
Figure 9 Global Waste To Energy Patents, By Technology (January 2004 – June 2010)
Figure 10 U.S. Waste To Energy Patents, By Technology (January 2004 – June 2010)
Figure 11 U.S. Waste To Energy Patents, By Thermal Technology (January 2004 – June 2010)
Figure 12 U.S. Waste To Energy Patents, By Biological Technology (January 2004 – June 2010)
Figure 13 Europe Waste To Energy Patents, By Technology (January 2004 – June 2010)
Figure 14 Europe Waste To Energy Patents, By Thermal Technology (January 2004 – June 2010)
Figure 15 Europe Waste To Energy Patents, By Biological Technology (January 2004 – June 2010)
Figure 16 Competitive Developments (January 2008 – June 2010)
Figure 17 Global Wte Technologies Market (2015)
Figure 18 Waste Produced In U.S. (2005-2008)
Figure 19 Utilization Of Msw In Major European Countries In 2008


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