GOP Crackdown Not Going to Deter Ron Paul Regulars

A crackdown by GOP forces is not going to deter Ron Paul campaigners after being ejected from the 2nd Congressional District convention, the
St Louis website reports.

Ron Paul’s local forces came armed with a portable copier and Robert’s Rules of Order as they marched Saturday into the cafeteria of Kirkwood High School.

But that wasn’t enough to counter the tactics of Republican regulars at the party’s 2nd Congressional District convention.

Within minutes, amid a mix of cheers and protests, district GOP leaders disqualified almost half of the convention delegates or alternates — most of them suspected supporters of the Texas congressman’s presidential bid.

Ousted delegates included St. Charles County’s contingent and some from west St. Louis County. Paul’s army of allies had counted on using Robert’s Rules of Order, which govern meeting procedures, to mount a takeover. Perched on a back table, the copier whirred as Paul supporters frantically produced copies of the rules list when it became clear that a confrontation was inevitable. Instead, on the orders of convention leaders, angry Paul allies and the copier were escorted out of the cafeteria shortly after the meeting began.

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