Hazwoper Training Courses – Now Every Course is Available at a Bulk Discount!

The Hazwoper 24 Hour Safety Training Course is now available at bulk discounts, for safety must be a priority in everyone’s life. These discounts will make it easier for you to stay healthy and safe.

The discount coupons have started to roll in! Hazwoper has made it much easier for each and every one of you to stay safe and healthy. There are no more excuses! Make safety your number one priority. Rush now! Enroll yourself in one of the leading Hazwoper safety training courses and save nearly 42% on every bulk purchase. Where safety and health are concerned money has no bounds.

But do you know what sugar coats these offers? Well, these courses are a 100% online and hence, they can be answered anywhere and at anytime. Now, you can apply for these courses and complete them without disrupting the daily routine of your life. So enroll yourself today! At a price that’s well within your reach.

Some of the bulk discount details are mentioned below. Note that the rate of the discount is in direct co-relation to the number of students enrolled:

1)The 40 hour Hazwoper Safety Training Courses:
1-4 – $375.00/course
5-9 – $350.00/course
10-19 – $325.00/course
20-49 – $300.00/course
50-74 – $275.00/course
75-99 – $250.00/course
100+ – $200.00/course

2)24 hour Hazwoper Safety Training Courses:
1-4 – $250.00/course
5-9 – $225.00/course
10-19 – $200.00/course
20-49 – $175.00/course
50+ – $150.00/course

3)8 Hour Hazwoper Safety training Course:
1-4 – $49.00/course
5-9 – $44.00/course
10-19 – $39.00/course
20-49 – $35.00/course
50-99 – $30.00/course

So, make safety your priority and enroll yourself in the Hazwoper 24 Hour Safety Training Course today! Let your colleagues in on this great offer. Come together to make your workplace a safer and healthier environment.

Hazwoper knows how important these safety training courses are for you. Hence, they have included this special feature along with their 40 hour Hazwoper, 24 hour Hazwoper and 8 hour Hazwoper training courses. These bulk discounts for group purchases will most definitely make your Hazwoper training course more convenient. So, take advantage of these discounts and have a great Hazwoper training ahead. Enjoy the affordable, cost-effective prices and create a safe working experience.

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The Online Hazwoper 24 Hour Safety Training Courses are constantly updated and are in tune with all of OSHA’s standards. They are a 100% online. Finally, they are practical, interactive and informative. These courses also primarily focus on the standards and regulations set up by OSHA for the construction and general industries. For further details contact: http://hazwoper24hourtraining.com/

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