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Los Angeles, CA April 4, 2008 – Los Angeles Professional Licensing and Health Care defense attorney, Michael Khouri’s law firm specializing in health care and criminal defense as well as licensing defense, announced the launch of its new Web site today, The website was designed by Los Angeles law firm web design company Law Promo.

The new Web site provides a comprehensive overview of the services provided by Los Angeles Defense Attorney, Michael Khouri. Mr. Khouri has been practicing law in Orange County for over 26 years, his expertise spans from Professional License Defense to Med-Care/Medi-Cal audit defense to Criminal Defense. The new website showcases Mr. Khouri’s extensive career and invaluable expertise.

About Michael Khouri:

Michael Khouri has been practicing law in Orange County for over 26 years.
He is considered an expert in professional licensing defense and the defense of Medi-Care/Medi-Cal audits, and has tried in excess of 100 cases. An expert in representing health care providers, Michael has proven his abilities with a number of cases and has spoken at multiple events. He is recognized throughout California and the Country for his integrity and firm resolve to help his clients get the best possible resolution to their licensing or criminal matters.

About Law Promo:

Law Promo understands that Law Firm Websites should be about more than graceful and compelling design. They must portray your firm’s distinctiveness, make it easy to locate relevant experience and make a lasting impact on your audience. We bring strategy, creativity, technology and unmatched experience to bear as we develop unique websites that let you speak and be heard. We are the leading provider of web development services for attorneys, law firms and bar associations. With over 260 clients, we are experts at delivering effective web and online marketing solutions for the legal industry. Law Promo consistently provides powerful and effective web site designs that have met or exceeded their clients’ expectations.

If you would like more information about this topic or would like to talk with Michael Khouri, please contact Michael Khouri at (949) 336-2433.

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