High testosterone readings have been secured by Australia’s Anti-Dopin…

High testosterone readings have been secured by Australia’s Anti-Doping Agency in respect of a number of athletes, but Ian Thorpe’s is one that has hit the headlines.

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph reports that warnings have been issued previously to top Australian athletes but no action was taken because medical evidence provided legitimate explanations for the high readings.

The Telegraph reports that a female Olympic swimming gold medallist was among those who showed unusually high levels of testosterone recently, but the case was taken no further as the athlete explained it was caused by the use of the contraceptive pill. “There have been cases because hormones fluctuate and the levels do change,” respected medical and anti-doping commentator Dr Peter Larkins said last night.

“When you have athletes who are freaks like Ian Thorpe, and what I mean by that is their incredible talent, they are genetically different.

There is mounting speculation Thorpe will escape a doping violation, but his legal team is taking no chances.

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