More Jail For Holocaust-Denying Lawyer

Sylvia Stolz, a former German lawyer who has links with the country’s extreme right movement has been sentenced to 20 months’ jail for inciting racial hatred and denying the holocaust.

The offences arose as a result of a speech given by Ms Stolz in 2012 when she said a court of law had never proved the Holocaust occurred. She went on to say that findings on the location of the crime, method of assassination, number killed, time period of crime, perpetrators, bodies and evidence of murder are lacking.

She also said there was no evidence that there was Nazi intention to kill Jews. She claimed free speech as her defence.

Stolz had already served jail time for Holocaust denial. She was also banned from practising law for five years after a 2008 conviction related to her defense of notorious Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, who was likewise convicted of the crime in Mannheim in 2007 and sent to prison for five years.

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