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HOUSTON–LAWFUEL – The Law Newswire – SigniaDocs, Inc., a service provider of solutions for mortgage document preparation, guarantees compliance for all mortgage loan documents by partnering with an experienced real estate-focused law firm, Shanks Darby, P.C. The attorneys have close to 30 years of experience working with real estate regulations and the mortgage industry. The associates of Shanks Darby stay abreast of the latest laws and ordinances from the federal and state levels all the way down to local municipalities.

Unlike a typical client/vendor relationship, the partnership between Paul Anselmo, the president and CEO of SigniaDocs, and George Shanks, the founding partner of Shanks Darby spans 20 years. SigniaDocs’ document preparation system, Signet Direct™, is actually the fourth-generation document preparation system that Shanks and Anselmo helped implement. Signet Direct was partially the result of the law firm’s years of experience of working with competitor mortgage servicing solution companies.

“Each company always was touted as the best,” said Shanks. “And, we would always find deficiencies. When Paul came to me with the idea to build a system that was truly from the ground up to help eliminate all the existing problems – usually resulting from patch-work solutions – it just made perfect sense.”

Signet Direct resulted from more than three years of research and development. The document preparation system seamlessly integrates all the necessary components and provides an innovative method to process all loan data at the origination stage. Users can then view, print and deliver their loan documents in a completely digital format.

“We drew upon our collective experiences in the industry to create a product that is virtually unmatched by today’s industry standards,” said Anselmo. “Maintaining the partnership with Shanks Darby seals the most important part of the deal for our customers. It’s a relationship that has no risk of disintegrating.” Anselmo added, “In addition to the latest technological components and quality enhancements through our partnerships with Encomia and Brooks Systems, the law firm partnership gives us that final piece of the puzzle – that of guaranteed compliance in all 50 states.”

A leading provider of compliance technology, Brooks Systems allows SigniaDocs to provide a rapid, online response for Truth-In-Lending (TIL) calculations and High-Cost Loan Analysis. SigniaDocs also established a partnership with Encomia, a leading provider of integrated solutions to electronically consolidate mortgage processes. Encomia technologically assists SigniaDocs to provide e-signature capabilities, allowing the end borrower to seamlessly view and sign the final processed loan in an electronic format.

At one time, George Shanks was the largest provider of mortgage loan documents. Today, Shanks Darby, P.C. brings their expertise to keep SigniaDocs up to date on any changes in compliance, HUD regulations and other relevant mortgage industry guidelines. Through this partnership, SigniaDocs keeps the law firm on retainer, as the law firm is an equity partner in SigniaDocs. “It is through this strong relationship, that we are able to go that extra mile,” said Anselmo.

About SigniaDocs, Inc.

Headquartered in Houston, SigniaDocs is a mortgage loan product company that specializes in the area of document preparation with guaranteed compliance, as well as the capabilities to store and sell the loan in the secondary mortgage market. SigniaDocs’ senior consultants possess decades of experience within the mortgage industry, and a team of attorneys dedicated to ensuring compliance for all of the company’s products. The company’s premier product, Signet Direct, is an electronic document preparation system that adheres to MISMO standards, merging the industry’s best practices using SMART docs and digital signatures with guaranteed compliance to seamlessly integrate with other mortgage solutions and automate the loan process from origination to closing and beyond, including electronic vault and secondary market delivery. For more information, contact SigniaDocs at or www.signiadocs.com.

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