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HOUSTON, May 30 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network — Williams Bailey Law Firm, L.L.P., and Blizzard, McCarthy & Nabers, LLP, announced today a $200 million jury verdict delivered in Philadelphia on behalf of two women who suffered heart-valve
damage as a result of taking the diet drug “fen-phen.” The women will apply
the award to future medical treatments for the drug’s on-going side effects.

In 1997, the Food and Drug Administration announced the withdrawal of fen-
phen, named for a combination of the drugs fenfluramine and an appetite
suppressant called phentermine. Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, of Madison, New
Jersey, manufactured the drugs fenfluramine and dexfenfluramine under the
names Pondimin and Redux. The combination of Pondimin and Redux with
phentermine resulted in serious health problems.

“In this case, both of these women suffered permanent injuries and
scarring to their heart because they took fen-phen,” said Steven J. Kherkher,
a partner at Williams Bailey, who helped represent the plaintiffs. “This
damage to their hearts likely will get worse and may require that they undergo
open-heart surgery.”

“We have over 2,000 cases just like this one in Philadelphia alone,” noted
Scott Nabers, a partner at Blizzard, McCarthy & Nabers. “We are confident
that future juries will look at the avalanche of scientific evidence and come
to the same conclusion that this jury did: Wyeth’s product caused life-
threatening injuries.”

About Williams Bailey Law Firm, L.L.P.
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past 20 years, we have recovered billions of dollars for our clients. Most
notably, we were one of five firms that represented the state of Texas against
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About Blizzard, McCarthy and Nabers, LLP
Blizzard, McCarthy and Nabers specializes in helping people in complex
lawsuits, including cases against pharmaceutical companies who make defective
drugs or implants; nursing homes who do not properly care for the elderly;
petrochemical companies who, through their negligence, cause injury to people
or their property; and doctors who, by their negligence, cause injury or
death. The firm has years of experience in all of these areas.

Web Site: http://www.williamsbailey.com

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