Houston Personal Injury Lawyer Provides Board Certified Assistance to Clients

LawFuel.com – Houston personal injury attorney Michael P Fleming has practised law for over 24 years, specialising in personal injury law and being one of the only lawyers in Texas to have achieved Texas Board of Legal Specialization certification in both personal injury trial law as well as real estate law.

FLeming Attorneys handles most personal injury work, including auto accidents. While there are thousands of personal injury lawyers in Texas very few have board certification. Board certification means that there is a high degree of expertise provided to those clients seeking specialized personal injury help with auto accidents and all manner of personal injury work.

Michael P Fleming and Associates provides injury work on a no win, no fee basis. The firm covers costs and expenses related to litigation and only gets reimbursed when there is a payment made to the client. They will represent anyone injured in Texas.

The firm has extensive experience across a wide range of personal injury work and treats anyone seeking treatment with appropriate care and attention. Clients are free to contact Michael P Fleming and associates about their cases at any time, or to check their website for further information about what they do and how they can assist you with your own personal injury claim.

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