How Accurate Is Heath Ledger ‘Drugs’ Video?

LawFuel – Attempts to point the ‘drug finger’ at Heath Ledger have been damaged by the pulling of a video that does not reveal the deceased star endulging in any drugs activity, although he apparently talks about a prior “weed” habit.

The Heath Ledger drugs video that has been widely advertised is now not to air on the Entertainment Tonight show or its sister show ‘The Insider’ and resulted in E! Network lawyers threatening other media outlets from using the “exclusive” video.

The video, supposedly showing the deceased star attending a drug-fueled Hollywood party, was extensively touted by the network. A representative said that while the footage was taken at a party held at the Chateau Marmont in January 2006. The video shows an unidentified man appears on the tape snorting cocaine and Ledger himself is seen drinking from a beer bottle, though never appears to engage in any drug taking whatsoever.

The questions now remain as to whether the video will ever be distributed and, more importantly, whether they indicate Ledger had any major drugs problem that contributed to his death.

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