How Will The Impending Insolvency Crisis Affect the Legal Profession?

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The impending insolvency crisis in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic raises key questions for company directors and lawyers – such as what choices directors should make in the ‘insolvency environment’.

A seminar on the insolvency law landscape and its effect upon the legal profession is the subject of a forthcoming webinar coming in the wake of the pandemic, provided by LexisNexis.

How Will The Impending Insolvency Crisis Affect the Legal Profession? 3

The webinar will look at the drastic manner in which the law has altered in the wake of COVID-19, drawing upon experts in the insolvency law arena including New South Wales University professor of commercial law, Dr Pamela Hanrahan and John Winter, the CEO of the Australian Restructuring Insolvency and Turnaround Association.

The theme of the first complimentary webinar is “The Impending Insolvency Crisis and Its Impact on the Legal Profession”. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, both the insolvency law landscape and broader environment in which the laws operate have changed drastically. Our panelists will discuss how lawyers can adapt to the changes as the demand for legal services in insolvency is set to rise.

The panel discussion will be held by some of the leading minds in the legal and technology space other than DFr Hanrahan and John Winter, including

– Greg Dickason, Managing Director of LexisNexis Pacific
– Tom Read, Practical Guidance Legal Writer – Insolvency, LexisNexis Pacific

The panelists will draw on advanced thinking around insolvency, discussing topics including but not limited to:

– Will the expected tsunami of insolvencies be realised?
– What choices are directors of insolvent companies likely to make in this environment?
– Temporary suspension of liability for insolvent trading
– Temporary changes to statutory demands.

Check the webinar details here.

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