HR module in eresource ERP can accelerate business growth

HR management is an essential factor

UNTIL recently the people involved in human resource work were usually called personnel managers.( Their duties normally centered on staffing activities such as hiring, keeping employment records,( attending to minor medical benefit problems and organizing company teams and outings.

Since then, dramatic changes have occurred in our society and in the make-up of the workforce. No longer can companies afford to look at people as commodity to be exploited to exhaustion and then discarded. In today’s organizations employees are viewed as human resources that need to be carefully nurtured, accommodated and developed.

Human resources management is an essential factor of any successful business. The competitive environment of the next millennium, with its economic and technological challenges, will affect your HR department like all other areas of your enterprises. In short, HR managers must continually review and optimize their business process.

The HR modules of eresource ERP system have a set of rich features and will integrate seamlessly with the other modules and are thus, invaluable aids in improving productivity. They offer company-wide solutions for HR departments and make it possible for other departments to access specific employee data.

A human resource management system has to be adaptable to company specific requirements as well as to constantly growing HR requirements. It should cover all the functions required in business practices and be flexible enough to allow you to optimize your business processes by tailoring the ERP solution to suit your organization’s needs. Today, businesses cross boundaries and spread across different part of the globe. The system should support the organization’s international needs with country specific versions of the HR components.

Currencies, legal requirements and accounting systems often vary from country to country as well, making this a vital feature. A flexible structure enables quick and easy customization on the system to suit your requirements. When you log-on from any part of this world, you must have access to the system’s complete functionality.

Here are some of the most common sub-systems available in eresource ERP’s HR module. The list is to give an idea about some options available. (The list is not comprehensive).

Personal management (HR master-data, personnel administration, information systems, recruitment, travel management, benefits administration, salary administration)
Organizational management (organizational structure, staffing schedules, job descriptions, planning scenarios, personnel cost planning)
Payroll accounting (gross/net accounting, history function, multi-currency capability, international solutions)
Time management (shift planning, work schedules, time recording, absence determination)
Personal development (career and succession planning, profile comparisons, qualifications assessment, additional training determination, training and event management)

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