I-TermPaper.com Undertakes Survey of Customer Needs, With Statistics Specialist Help

I-TermPaper.com customers may find themselves being asked some searching questions about our services in the near future. To improve our company’s responsiveness to customer needs and concerns, I-TermPaper.com has taken on a statistics specialist who will design and administer a major survey of our clientele. It is expected that the results of this survey will help us to address the academic writing requirements of customers around the globe.

Our new survey expert will be aiming for a random sample of sufficient size to give us confidence in the data collected. The challenge, given the international spread of those to be contacted, is substantial. However, it will be worth it, since I-TermPaper.com can use this information to develop our business in the areas our customers need. If, by chance, you are one of those to be surveyed, we sincerely hope you will do us the favor of responding. We will value your thoughtful input!

This is the first time in recent memory that I-TermPaper.com has undertaken such a major initiative in customer feedback. However, we have been working on meeting customer needs since our establishment. You can read news from past years at our website, and also see our services and prices.

About Us:

I-TermPaper.com has worked for several years pulling together a team of professional writers and customer support staff capable of helping customers with any project. Our specialists come from a vast range of career backgrounds and subject matter specialties. Over these years, we have assisted thousands of customers to achieve their academic goals. We take pride in positive customer feedback, but this upcoming survey will allow us to ‘kick it up a notch”, and target our efforts specifically

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