IEC60711 Compliant Ear Simulator

Toronto. Canada – GAO Tek Inc. ( has rolled out an ear simulator operating over the frequency range of 20Hz to 10000Hz. It is designed for the servicing of hearing aids and production testing of earphones. The ear simulator is used for frequency response, sensitivity and distortion measurements on insert earphones found in hearing aids and operator headsets.
This high performance ear simulator, model 6161, complies with the requirements of the IEC60711 standard for measurements using insert earphones. It features a simple and straightforward calibration procedure and well defined measuring conditions. The main ear canal volume is of a similar shape and volume to that of the actual human ear and provides similar acoustic impedance to the insert earphone being tested. Its frequency response accuracy is less than ±0.5dB at 200Hz to 5000Hz and less than ±1dB at 20Hz to 10000Hz.
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