Image Consultant Suzanne Fahey Gives Tips On ‘The New You’ at Well…

Image Consultant Suzanne Fahey Gives Tips On ‘The New You’ at Wellington seminar

Wellington – – The Personal Match Maker – The latest in Matchcompany’s seminar series in Wellington introduced Wellington image consultant Suzanne Fahey, who provided tips on how to improve your self image.

Suzanne Fahey is a make-up artist and stylist who has been quoted in ‘Fashion Quarterly’, ‘The Dominion’ and other media for her practical tips on how to transform yourself using colour analysis, wardrobe planning, grooming, skincare and cosmetics.

Suzanne, who’s company is, advises both women and men on how to make the best of themselves.

Her advice at the Matchcompany seminar provided practical tips on how to deal with different body-types in terms of wardrobe and general appearance issues. Suzanne spoke about clothing, spectacles, hair style and cosmetics.

The seminars, held until 12 September at Wellington’s St John’s bar, is to next week focus on nutrition issues, with nutritionalist Carole Gibb.

Other speakers include Match Company director and ‘Good Morning’ guest Rosie Bowie who is to talk on dating tips, intuitionalist Carole Gibb on optimizing good health and financial adviser Indira Menon on how to blend existing lifestyles into new relationships.


Matchcompany is an introductions, dating and matrimonial agency, which is the longest-running such business in the Wellington region. Matchcompany operates on a confidential basis, using personal profiling and interviewing to match suitable clients.

Contact Matchcompany at 04 917 1226 or email [email protected]


Reveal Image Consultancy is owned and operated by Suzanne Fahey and is a Total Image Company specialising in Colour Analysis, Bodyline and Style, Wardrobe Planning and Grooming, and Skincare and Cosmetics.
Contact Reveal-You at 04 976 3403 or email [email protected]

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