Immigration Law Firm Pushes Back on Home Work & Gets Slapped By Union

Immigration Law Firm Pushes Back on Home Work & Gets Slapped By Union 7

Auckland immigration lawyers Loga Pullar who “meet the dynamic needs of their clients” has been heavily criticised for a job advertisement requiring “98 per cent physical attendance.” No working from home or the beach for this firm.

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The firm started advertising for a legal executive role on June 21, saying it’s looking for graduates or anyone who has skills to match the role.

“Currently our team’s physical work attendance is 97.8 percent,” the job advertisement says. “Our recent punctuality audit is 98 percent albeit the social inconveniences that many may succumb to.”

Bridget Sinclair, a spokesperson for the Aotearoa Workers’ Union, told Stuff the length of time people spent at their desk didn’t reflect how things actually were in the workforce.

“Commitment is, instead, best measured through attitude, performance, and quality of work.

“We think it is important that employers encourage employees to stay home when sick, work flexibly when necessary or preferred, and prioritise their wellbeing.”

The law firm said the attendance comments in the advertisement were alluding to “measurable work with respect to work attending courts and tribunals”.

According to the job advertisment, Loga Pullar is is a general law practice that’s “fast-paced, efficient, cost effective with professionalism that is second to none”.

“We very often work flexibly to meet the dynamic needs of our clients.”

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