Indonesian judges have found a Queensland woman guilty of smuggling drugs into Bali in a case which has generated unprecedented interest among Australians and others, convinced the woman is innocent.

Linsday Murdoch was in the Denpasar courtroom as Schapelle Corby’s guilty verdict and 20-year jail sentence were handed down.

As the judges neared the end of their summing up at Denpasar District Court, close-up footage of Corby showed her biting her lip, talking to herself as if in prayer and looking distressed. She appeared short of breath at times in the humid court room.

An interpreter for Sky News had to break off her simultaneous interpretation at times, saying the judges were so “worked-up” as to be inaudible.

The court erupted in shouts of disbelief as the verdict dawned on Corby and her family.

Her sister Mercedes and other family members leapt up in fury, and were quickly motioned to sit down again by a security guard.

Corby appeared furious, pushing away a court official who tried to get her to sit down.

She pushed past the officer and tried to get to her family. Corby’s lawyer Lily Lubis attempted to hold back police who tried to drag Corby away.

Corby was eventually escorted out a side door of the court, with police officers inadvertently knocking down and trampling a cameraman who was attempting to get close to Corby. The cameraman was not seriously hurt.

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