Industry-leading repository of sequence records and patents takes ra…

Industry-leading repository of sequence records and patents takes rapid and commanding lead, key component of larger GenomeQuest™-collated database of 137 million worldwide sequence records

WESTBOROUGH, Mass.–LAWFUEL – The Law Jobs & Law Newswire – GenomeQuest, Inc., the leader in sequence search for research and IP, today announced that its GQ-PAT repository – the world’s largest patent sequence database – has surpassed 66 million unique patent number-sequence pairs, culled from U.S. and worldwide patents.

GQ-PAT is a core content component of the company’s GenomeQuest™ 4.0 web-enabled platform for sequence search and results analysis. Including GQ-PAT, GenomeQuest™ has a sequence database numbering 137 million records, whose sources include multiple global databases – patent offices, publicly available bio-sequence databases and web resources. GQ-PAT will be demonstrated at the Patent Information Users Group Annual Meeting in Costa Mesa, California, on Monday, May 7th, 2007.

Given the diverse content quality from various sources, data entered into GQ-PAT are meticulously processed in GenomeQuest’s proprietary automated pipeline to make the sequences, as well as all the annotations, searchable and browsable. GQ-PAT data is both automatically filtered and manually curated to detect and eliminate errors originating from source databases, to ensure consistency and accuracy. All sequence patent records are annotated from the original patent documents, to make sure key data fields are complete, including Patent Title, Abstract, Publication Date, Priority Dates, Patent Assignee, and other critical information. In addition, INPADOC services are used to provide updates on the legal status of the patent records as well as to provide the latest patent family information.

Ronald Ranauro, President and CEO of GenomeQuest, Inc., said, “It is clear the latest release of GQ-PAT extends our leadership in patent sequence comprehensiveness, annotation quality, and timeliness, which translates into reliable and fresh content for our customers. When combined with breakthrough GenomeQuest search algorithms and results analysis, our customers can make rapid and confident decisions and more easily communicate throughout their organizations thereby ensuring better decision making earlier in their research and development cycle.”

According to Dr. Michael J. McManus, Vice President and General Manager of GenomeQuest, Inc., “No other sequence database currently has GQ-PAT’s completeness and accuracy. For example, at most, even GenBank has only about 4 million sequence patent records.”

He added, “What sets GQ-PAT apart is not only the overwhelming volume of data, but also the fact that GenomeQuest will go to lengths no one else does to ensure we provide ‘one source’ for sequence information. To complement our unbeatable automation of sequence data curation, integration and updating, GenomeQuest hand-scans images containing sequence patent records, converting them to text to make them searchable, and cross-checking them against other sources to eliminate errors and fill in missing data.”

About GenomeQuest, Inc.

GenomeQuest, Inc. is a leader in biological sequence search, content and analysis. Backed by an automatically-updated database that includes over 137 million sequence records, the company’s flagship product, GenomeQuest™, is a Web-based search and analysis application that provides scientists and IP professionals with one source for the most comprehensive, accurate and complete sequence information available. Leading life sciences companies and IP law firms rely on GenomeQuest to help drive key scientific research and business decisions.

GenomeQuest, Inc., is headquartered in Westborough, Massachusetts. For more information, call (508) 616-0100, or visit

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