Injury Attorneys Seek National Support for Vehicle Injury Victims

21 April 2012 – A new initiative from a national advocacy group has called on personal injury attorneys to help deliver better services to victims of motor vehicle accidents.

Reported by: Justice News Flash

The call comes from “America’s Watchdog”, a consumer advocacy group, which has tried to lift the veil on confusing advertising and other details related to various personal injury lawyers and personal injury law firms.

The group asserts, “The average innocent victim seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident, or grieving family members do not understand the difference between a TV, or Yellow Pages full page ad personal injury attorney, and a skilled plaintiffs attorney, or personal injury law firm that consistently obtain the best results for their clients.”

“We know quality of a skilled personal injury plaintiffs attorney, or plaintiffs law firm makes a huge difference, especially when we are talking catastrophic injuries, and or wrongful deaths, so we are asking serious personal injury attorneys, or law firms, to join us in this vital effort,” it further notes.

More information about America’s Watchdog, or the recent effort, can be found by visiting or calling 866-714-6466.

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