Invention Facilitates Secure Updates for Music and Video Downloads, …

Invention Facilitates Secure Updates for Music and Video Downloads, Government Mandated Compliance and E-Mailed Documents

WARREN, N.J.–LAWFUEL – Legal News, Legal Jobs Network – ThinkFire, a leading intellectual property services firm, has successfully represented DigitalContainers Corp. in an agreement for use of the patents and know-how covering its valuable document security invention. The agreement provides significant advantage to SiteScape (, a leading teamware, document management and workflow provider.

DigitalContainers’ technology enables any digital material, including video, books, music, pictures, feature length films and documents, to be placed in a “container” which can be sent electronically to any recipient as an e-commerce object, permitting safe distribution of the material. The DigitalContainers inventions are covered by some fundamental patents and provide important controls for SiteScape documents in all phases of update.

“This technology will provide the SiteScape customer with complete document protection and compliance with many government standards and privacy initiatives,” said Brian Hays, CEO and Chairman of the Board, SiteScape.

Current document management products permit a person who is authorized to update a particular document to retrieve it from the management system to bring it to her desktop, make updates and modifications (including keeping a local copy) and then post the new materials back into the document management system. The DigitalContainers’ technology ( in combination with SiteScape’s Forum product provides important controls for documents in all phases of the update process. DigitalContainers’ technology provides SiteScape and its Forum product with:

A digital container packager to “containerize” a document
Control of the local update process, preventing a copy from being stored locally
Return of the updated document to the Forum system or sending it to another user who will have to authenticate herself through the Forum controls before being granted access to the document
Real-time control over the document
Collaboration on large files
The volume of valuable and sensitive information, coupled with the easy and convenient methods for sharing files, have driven new mandates for protection and privacy. Requirements such as HIPPA (healthcare), Sarbanes-Oxley, FISMA and GISRA are just a few of the requirements now being placed on enterprise IT organizations. Significant increases in globalization and outsourcing also make the need for document security extremely timely.

“Technology licensing allows companies to quickly incorporate leading edge technology and expand their product reach,” stated Kathie Lusardi, Vice President, Licensing for ThinkFire, who negotiated the license agreement. “The DigitalContainers inventions and know-how will enable SiteScape to provide significant security and distribution advantages without additional research and development costs.”

About the Company

ThinkFire, Inc. ( is an international intellectual property services firm that works with leading information technology, telecommunications, semiconductor, software and consumer electronics companies. ThinkFire’s IP management resources help its clients increase profitability, minimize expense, and enhance freedom to operate. Earlier this year, the company concluded a sale of key communications patents for a Global 100 corporation which netted the patent owner approximately $20 million and provided the purchasers with important assets that enhanced their portfolios.

ThinkFire’s professionals include negotiators, market analysts, technologists and patent attorneys who have been previously associated with leading technology and professional services firms including IBM, British Telecom, Accenture, Siemens, PwC, Lucent Technologies, The McKenna Group, and Intel. ThinkFire offices are located in greater New York, London and San Francisco.

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