Is Ron Paul Campaign Suppressing It’s Own Message?

LawFuel – Can Libertarian republican Ron Paul be suppressing his own message, along with the mainstream media?

This is suggested by several commentators, including the ConnieTalk blog, who writes: ”

Sometimes it seems that proponents of Ron Paul are angrier than he is at the treatment he’s received in the media; sometimes people wonder – like Jay Leno did when Congressman Paul appeared on The Tonight Show – how Ron Paul is taking the media purposely ignoring him as a gentleman. Why he’s not out “kicking someone’s ass,” as Jay put it.

He adds, “One would never know this from the mainstream media, but we’ve had only a few primaries and caucuses, and even after the extremely important date of February 5th, we will still have more than half to go. And the Republican nominee will not be decided by the popular vote among the ‘leading candidates’ in a few states also handpicked by the media. The nominee will be decided by the delegates. So let me tell you a little about our ‘under-the-radar’ strategy to get those delegates.”

From our own investigating, we know that the media and his own party are purposely suppressing Paul’s message. MSNBC censored him at the Florida debate, Louisiana is covering up the results of Paul’s win until after Super Tuesday, FOX barred him from participating in the debate after his numbers beat Giuliani’s.

But none of that even matters. What matters is this: The people see it. The people are voting. The delegates choose. And Ron Paul is steadily infiltrating our mailboxes, our conversations, our websites, your interest.”

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