IXGames answers a competitor’s unfair and exaggerated content misappropriation claims

(Berlin, Germany) IXGames, an established and reputable online gaming authority for more than six years, has recently been unfairly and maliciously charged with plagiarism due to the carelessness and improper actions of a former editor. This former editor lifted a few words from a competing casino affiliate website’s press release and inserted it into one of IXGames news articles. A competing gaming website owner, instead of contacting IXGames directly proceeded to post inflammatory and exaggerated versions of the event on at least one casino webmaster affiliate forums. The competitor even went so far as to post on Google Webmaster Central with his exaggerated claims. Moreover, the competitor also posted on the directory site DMOZ.org’s official forum with the exaggerated claim and mischaracterization of IXGames as “content thieves.” IXGames strongly rejects this mischaracterization of what happened. IXGames did not intentionally lift, nor authorize, nor command such plagiarism.

When IXGames learned of the complaints, it posted a clarification on the forum GPWA.ORG where the competitor was posting his exaggerated and unfair claims on. IXGames has taken the following clear and resolute corrective steps: terminated the editor who copied a few words from a competitor’s press release, taken down the offending content on IXGames, and issued a clarification on at least one online gaming webmaster forum. IXGames is a firm believer in the highest level of corporate ethics. Accordingly, IXGames issues a public apology for the incident and has made procedural and administrative reforms in its operations to prevent a recurrence of this issue. IXgames formally launches its content provenance and originality checking program to ensure that any similar duplicate content doesn’t occur again in the future.

“We are just deeply saddened and disappointed that our competition would resort to trying to bash our good name before contacting us directly to fix this problem quickly,” notes IXGame’s principal manager, Maximilian Hoffman. “While we reserve all our available legal options, we have resolved to take this unfortunate incident as an opportunity to become a better company and a better corporate Internet citizen.” Accordingly, IXGames has tightened its content screening operations, its employee screening and supervision processes, as well as its content complaint processes. We are fully resolved to not only learn from this experience but rise above and beyond it to further improve our current standing as one of the Internet’s leading gaming information and resource sites.

Contact Information:
Media Representative: Anna Seget
Company: ixgames.com http://www.ixgames.com
Frankfurter Allee
10367 Berlin

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