Judge Sorry For Wearing "Make America Great Again" Cap to Court 2

Judge Sorry For Wearing “Make America Great Again” Cap to Court

Only in America, you may think – but it was Canada and the Judge who wore the “Make America Great Again” cap the day after the US election has apologized for what he did.

Ontario Court Justice Bernd Zabel arrived at the courthouse in Hamilton on Wednesday morning wearing the now famed Donald Trump’s signature campaign hat,, addressing those in attendance including lawyers, police officers and defendants.

“The clerk said ‘all rise’ and the door opens and Justice Zabel comes out, ” the Globe and Mail reported. He is in a black silk robe with the crimson sash and the white tie. He has a poppy on his lapel. And he is wearing a scarlet-coloured baseball cap that says Make America Great Again.

“And we all stand because we are supposed to stand when the judge comes in and he looks at everyone and said he was wearing the hat ‘because last night was an historic occasion,’” the source told The Globe and Mail.

“He took the hat off and put it on the bench so everybody could look while he continued his court business. He didn’t put it away. It was sitting on the bench.”

But the Judge has since offered a heart-felt (perhaps) apology –

I wish to apologise for my misguided attempt to mark a moment in history by humour in the courtroom, following the surprising result in the United States election. I acknowledge that wearing the hat is a breach of the principals of judicial office and was a lapse in judgement that I sincerely regret.

Judicial discretion – like Donald Trump’s hair – requires careful attention at all times.

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