Kansas Caucus Not Decided, Says Hopeful Ron Paul

Lawfuel.com – Ron Paul is not giving up any race any time soon. The Republican presidential candidate is hoping for his first caucus victory Saturday in the Kansas caucuses. The candidate told a CNN reporter that “It’s everybody’s race to win,” Mr. Paul professed, adding that if Michigan native Mitt Romney was in the Sunflower State, he would be hoping for a victory as well.

If the turnout at Friday night’s pro-Paul rally was any indication of how the former Air Force surgeon will finish in the Kansas caucuses, Mr. Paul will finally be able to put one election in the win column next Saturday night.

Ron Paul failed to win a caucus or primary on Super Tuesday, when slammed the mainstream media for misconstruing the status of his campaign. “The mainstream media got the Super Tuesday story wrong.”

“The fact is, just like in many of the earlier contests, very few delegates to the Republican National Convention were decided on Tuesday. Most will be decided several weeks, or even months, from now at District and State conventions – conventions where our local delegates will have a big say in who goes to Tampa,” he added.

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