Kilpatrick Stockton 2008 Labor and Employment Law Seminar Addresses Issues and Trends Impacting Today’s Workplace

ATLANTA (October 7) — Senior leaders from more than 65 of the top companies in the U.S. were among those in attendance at the 2008 Kilpatrick Stockton Labor and Employment Law Seminar held September 25 in Atlanta. Distinguished guest speakers, including top executives from Best Buy and H&M, as well as members of Kilpatrick Stockton’s leading Labor and Employment Team, discussed trends, research and key issues shaping the labor and employment world.

Topics addressed, include:

• Trends in labor and employment law
• Managing employee leave issues
• Effective labor and employment due diligence in mergers and acquisitions
• Enterprise-critical investigations
• The Employee Free Choice Act
• FLSA Collective Actions
• Workplace privacy issues
• The future of workplace regulation

For more information about the above topics and to speak with Kilpatrick Stockton’s Labor and Employment Team Leader, please contact Anne Louise Atkinson, 404.532.6898.

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