Kilpatrick Stockton and AngelPoints Join Forces to Launch Innovative Web-Based Platform to Enhance Sustainability

Kilpatrick Stockton Becomes One of the
Nation’s First Law Firms to Adopt AngelPoints’ Program

ATLANTA (December 24) – Kilpatrick Stockton announced that it has partnered with AngelPoints, a pioneering provider of enterprise software solutions for employee engagement and responsibility. The firm will utilize AngelPoints’ innovative web-based platform to enhance the firm’s culture of sustainability. The newly launched Personal Sustainability Project (PSP) platform will enable employees to chart individual and collective progress on a secure and reliable site easily accessed through the firm’s intranet.
“For years Kilpatrick Stockton has been deeply committed to making a positive impact in the communities in which we live and work,” said Rick Horder, Partner and Chair of Kilpatrick Stockton’s Sustainability Initiative. “A little over a year ago we launched our comprehensive initiative which has been very successful in educating our employees in how they can make a difference every day in creating a more sustainable workplace. Partnering with AngelPoints on this innovative program is the next step in our mission.”

“We are very excited about further evolving our partnership with AngelPoints through their pioneering PSP module,” said Whitney Munn, Associate Director, Kilpatrick Stockton Corporate Social Responsibility. “Since 2006, we have logged over 17,000 volunteer hours through their Volunteer Management solution and we look forward to the additional impact that PSP will have in encouraging our attorneys and staff to take a hands-on approach to creating a better environment at work, in the community and in their lives.”

The PSP framework for engagement is premised upon the pioneering work of Saatchi & Saatchi S, inspiring employees to adopt Personal Sustainability Projects– small, repeatable actions that create a “win-win” for both individual and planet. Through PSP, every person in an organization, regardless of level or tenure, can realize the personal benefits of sustainability while playing an innovative role in a company’s broader social and environmental efforts. PSP helps clients by impacting:

• Organizational Activation: Sustainability acts as a “connector” of disparate company initiatives and programs, boosting employee engagement and satisfaction, reducing turnover, and fostering behaviors that can lower healthcare costs.
• Increased Awareness: Employees start to think beyond their personal roles and identify opportunities for cost savings and innovation.
• Talent Attraction: 92% of today’s job-seekers want to work for a sustainable company. PSP demonstrates a credible commitment to sustainability.
• Brand Ambassadorship: Employees with Personal Sustainability practices are more inclined to share their employer’s sustainability efforts with peers, customers and communities.
• Sustainability Reporting Made Simple: The web-based platform provides managers an easy way to gain accurate, user-generated inputs for CSR, sustainability, and HR tracking and reporting.
“We are proud to partner with legal industry leader and long-time client Kilpatrick Stockton on this important project ,” said Andy Mercy, Chief Executive Officer of AngelPoints. “By being one of the nation’s first law firms to adopt AngelPoints’ cutting-edge web-based platform for building workplace sustainability, Kilpatrick Stockton continues its tradition of being ahead of the curve not only in the legal arena but also in volunteerism and in creating a more sustainable environment in the communities they serve. Kilpatrick Stockton is a part of an impressive roster of international corporate leaders who utilize AngelPoints for their corporate social responsibility.”

About AngelPoints
AngelPoints delivers online enterprise applications to help leading companies in every industry around the globe inspire their employees to commit to greater sustainability and responsibility in order to improve their lives, their companies and the world. Visit AngelPoints online at
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