LA Criminal Lawyer Explains What To Do When Stopped For A DUI – July 9 2012 – Being stopped for a DUI is a nightmare scenario for many and LA criminal lawyer Barry Gerald Sands provides some key advice for anyone who is stopped by police for Driving Under the Influence.

Do not flunk the attitude test.
Do NOT ever say that you have had any alcoholic beverage to drink.
Do NOT agree to take any field sobriety test, no matter if you have been drinking or not.
Do NOT agree to take the pre-arrest breath test.
If you are arrested for drunk driving, you will be given a choice of blood or breath test. Choose the breath test.
After you submit to whatever test you have chosen [always breath], then be quiet until they release you.
After you get out of custody, make sure you call the DMV.
And you should always hire an attorney for these sorts of things.
Do not drive under the influence of alcohol.

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