Last week, Dennemeyer & Company hosted the inaugural meeting for the n…

Last week, Dennemeyer & Company hosted the inaugural meeting for the new European Corporate Advisory Board (CAB). This full day event highlighted the enhanced features of DIAMS-XE, the new web-based version of Dennemeyer’s IAM software system. The meeting took place at Procter & Gamble’s French headquarters in Paris. The CAB was created by Dennemeyer to provide a unique, highly collaborative vehicle for users to participate in Dennemeyer’s product development process. Participants who attended this CAB meeting include members from Procter & Gamble, Wella Group, Kraft Foods, Altria, Best & Freitag, D. Young & Co., Chanel, Total and Air Liquide.
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DIAMS-XE Overview
DIAMS-XE was released in September of 2004 and was designed to support the full IP lifecycle. DIAMS-XE offers corporate IP departments and law firms an advanced workflow based software package built on Microsoft’s .NET platform.
DIAMS-XE supports all intellectual assets and related activities, including inventions, patents, trademarks, domain names, general matter management and IP licensing.
As companies demand greater functionality from their IP systems, Dennemeyer has shifted the technology paradigm for the industry. “DIAMS-XE continues our history of providing leading-edge technology to the IP industry,” said Paul Dennemeyer. “We are excited to offer our customers the industry’s first truly integrated approach to IAM.”
While the value of intellectual assets is clearly recognized, many companies find themselves faced with disparate, unconnected systems that do not adequately meet the requirements of value-driven IP management. “Our customers clearly expect more sophistication in their systems. With our web services architecture, we have opened an incredible wealth of opportunities for better accessibility, personalization, security and collaboration,” said Hema Kadali, Dennemeyer’s Chief Software Architect.
“Dennemeyer is excited to provide our customers a key enabling solution that will help them realize the full value potential of their intellectual assets,” said Ralph Schroeder, Global Marketing Director. “With increased global competition, our customers are demanding more advanced solutions to improve how they create, manage and commercialize their intellectual assets. With Dennemeyer Solutions Consulting services and DIAMS-XE, organizations can be confident in their success with Dennemeyer.”
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About Dennemeyer
Since pioneering the Intellectual Property (IP) outsourcing industry over 40 years ago, Dennemeyer has established itself as the premier resource for full-service, global IP management solutions. With a diverse client-base including some of the world’s most highly regarded IP organizations, Dennemeyer’s reputation for high quality, cost-effective solutions is unmatched in the industry. Dennemeyer maintains its global presence with offices in Amman, Chicago, Luxembourg, Paris, Reading, Stockport, Tokyo and Washington, D.C. For more information about DIAMS-XE and Dennemeyer products and services, please visit .

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