Lateral Link Pays Attorneys in Its Exclusive Online Network $10,000 …

Lateral Link Pays Attorneys in Its Exclusive Online Network $10,000 for Using Its Placement Services

NEW YORK–LAWFUEL – Law Jobs Network – Law News –Founded by former practicing attorneys and Harvard Law School alumni, Lateral Link has turned the legal recruiting industry on its head by establishing an elite online network of attorneys that pays to remain loyal. Through its easy-to-use, innovative Web site,, the firm delivers sophisticated Internet tools and unique methodology to connect today’s top legal talent with leading legal employers across the nation. Because of efficiencies built into Lateral Link’s online system, the firm is able to share costs savings by paying candidates a $10,000 placement bonus for law firm placements.

Lateral Link optimizes the legal recruiting process by eliminating the inefficiencies common to the industry. “Today’s recruiting industry is bogged down by time-consuming practices such as cold calls and decentralized job listings,” said T.J. Duane, Lateral Link’s co-founder. “Our approach enables employers to instantly communicate job opportunities to a relevant subset of attorney candidates, who receive up-to-date market information at the click of a mouse.”

Lateral Link provides a one-stop source for candidates looking for new positions. The catch is that the service is only available to “elite” attorneys. To become a member of Lateral Link’s network, attorneys must have exceptional credentials, as determined by top law school standing and stellar professional credentials. Only the most accomplished attorneys have access to Lateral Link’s exclusive online network, which presently consists of approximately 1,000 attorneys.

“Our mission is to capitalize on the opportunity created by the Internet to quickly and efficiently aggregate and distribute information to move the legal recruiting industry into the 21st century,” continued Duane. “Attorneys are accustomed to using the Internet to more efficiently perform their legal work, now we have given elite attorneys the opportunity to use the Internet to more efficiently find their next legal job.” With over 1300 law firm and in-house jobs in Lateral Link’s continually growing database, our candidates have many opportunities to pursue.

About Lateral Link:

Lateral Link, founded in 2006, provides comprehensive legal recruiting services for the high-end legal market across the nation, including law firms and corporate in-house groups. For more information on Lateral Link, go to or call (866) 374-5829.

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