Latest John Edwards Washington Scandal Involves Former Personal Injury Attorney

August 9, 2008 (by Otto Smyth)

According to reports by Los Angeles injury lawyers, the latest John Edwards Scandal involves former personal injury attorney John Edwards. Many may not have known he was an injury lawyer when they were amid the latest scandal involving his former so called “employee” and possible “love child” from the relationship.

In a stunning interview that was broadcast on ABC, John Edwards has admitted to having an affair with a woman that had been hired to make video clips for Edward’s political campaign in 2006.

The news of this affair was first brought to light in the Enquirer, which Edwards denied for many months until his recent admission to the affair with Rielle Hunter.

In the interview Edwards stated that he was ashamed of his choices and that it goes against what he did, he also stated that he had hoped it would not become public. He went on to say that his wife and family knew about this and have been working through it. Edwards also denies that he is the father of the child Rielle Hunter has had and that he has not taken a paternity test because the affair was ended prior to the time she would have become pregnant.

There is a lot of speculation about this affair and the fact that Rielle Hunter did not list a father on the birth certificate, she was paid $114,000 the video services that were webisodes that have been seen and is now living in the same gated community with one of John Edwards political operatives and friends Andrew Young. Young now insists that he is the father of the baby while he is also married with three young children; Hunter also denies that Edwards is the father of the baby.

Two things that Edwards did stress in the interviews he has given, other than he was wrong and came forward only because the tabloids would not stop and leave him and his family alone. Fact one he has repeatedly stressed that while he was having the affair his wife Elizabeth was in remission from breast cancer and the second fact is that is has stated that he will do what ever the Democratic hopeful for president Obama asks of him.

It has been reported that it is doubtful with this admission that Edwards who had been hoping for a seat in the next administration will be asked.

It has also been reported that as late as July 22nd Edwards was seen coming from a hotel at nearly 3:00 a.m. in which Rielle Hunter and child were staying. This alone could present more problems for Edwards who ran into a hotel men’s room when he spotted reporters. Hotel security appeared on the scene and threatened the reporters who filed criminal complaints stating that the hotel security broke several California Penal Codes including false imprisonment.

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