Latest Update on FBI Investigating Missing Cruise Ship Chief

December 10, 2009 (by Horatio Algren) According to reports one of the crew members from a 15 day Panama cruse has vanished from the ship.

The 31 year old chef identified as Angelo Faliva disappeared according to reports after walking out of the kitchen during the middle of his shift on November 25th. Faliva was not seen after this time and it has also been reported that the security cameras on the Coral Princess did not pick up any unusual activity.

It has also been discovered that there is a missing life ring from the aft of the ship, according to reports on the ship that departed from Fort Lauderdale Florida.
Princess cruise line official spokeswoman Julie Benson stated the cruise line is also puzzled as to the fate of the missing chef. They are in full cooperation with the authorities, but have no evidence in which to further the investigation.

According to FBI spokesperson Laura Eimiller the FBI became involved in the case at the request of the Italian Consulate in Los Angeles. The ship that recently docked in Los Angeles is where Faliva’s family will meet with the authorities and the FBI.

The investigation into the missing 31 year old chef is being lead by the Bermuda authorities due to Princess Cruise line ship the Coral Princess carries the Bermuda flag.

Chiara Faliva sister of the missing chef has stated the family was alerted by authorities on Sunday and they are assuring the authorities the Princess Cruise line chef did not take his life, but must have been involved in foul play. Cruise ship accident lawyers will be watching this case closely.

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